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En utskrift från Dagens Nyheter, 2019-12-10 01:16

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Greta Thunberg: I'm so happy to reach land again

Greta Thunberg is approaching Lisbon. Foto: Roger Turesson

After nearly three weeks at sea Greta Thunberg is approaching Lisbon – a day late to the 25th U.N. climate conference in Madrid.

– It feels unreal. I'm of course very happy to reach land again, says the young activist to Dagens Nyheter. 

When the climate meeting COP25 suddenly moved from Santiago, Chile, to Madrid in Spain, Greta Thunberg had to arrange transportation to cross the Atlantic Ocean. 

November 13th she set off from Virgina on board the catamaran ”Vagabond” owned by Australian couple Elayna Carausu and Riley Whitelum. 

Foto: Roger Turesson

On Tuesday Thunberg was approaching Lisbon in Portugal. Early in the morning she posted a picture on Facebook of the city lights and wrote” Land ohoy! Lisbon ahead...”. 

She is expected to reach the harbour just before noon. Thereafter she sets off to the climate meeting in Madrid. 

– It feels unreal. It's a very special feeling to see land and people. It's a great relief, but also a bit sad. It's hard to explain. But I'm of course so happy to reach land again, Greta Thunberg told Dagens Nyheters reporter, who got a quick chat with the young Swede as the boat approached the harbour. 

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